4 Tips to Make the Most out of Audiences in DV360

If you are an intermediate or even advanced user in Display and Video 360 (DV360), you might be looking for some new ways to make the most out of audiences on the platform. 
We wanted to provide you with some basic recommendations that you can put into practice almost immediately without becoming lost in a sea of material and courses.
In this blog post, we’ll offer four approaches that we frequently employ to make the most out of audiences on the platform. Hopefully, they may be of assistance to you as well.
1. Audience Analysis – Audience Profile
Perhaps one of the most powerful things that DV360 has to offer is the ability to target specific audiences that have been identified by Google. Instead of guessing which of these audiences might be relevant to target in campaigns, use the Audience Profile Analysis to get a detailed list of which audiences overlap against your site (or specific event based on floodlight configurations). From there you can select the audiences you would like to create and easily add them in your Line Items. 
Remember this is not limited to campaign data but rather your floodlight(s). So in essence if your floodlight fires across all your site, this will give an overview of audiences against  all your site visitors. 
2. Audience Analysis – Geographic Distribution (Display only)
Knowing where your audience could be as powerful and knowing what their interests are. In the Geographic Distribution section of Audiences, you can see country, region, DMA (USA) and zip code. This will give you an overview of the % distribution as well as the amount of users. Similarly, this can help in your planning efforts and determining the regions to target and/or focus on, even comparing events like home page visitors vs those who convert.   
3. Creating Activity Based Audiences
This feature allows you to create audiences based on activity from previous campaigns. So in essence, you can reach users who have been previously exposed to your ads, those who have converted or performed an action, those who have clicked on ads, or viewed a video ad (based completion %). You can even filter them by assigning an operator value based on a number, and create separate groups to target in new campaigns. As an example you could separate quartile video completion from your previous campaigns and use them in new ones, using new and engaging creative. 
4. Custom Audiences
Can’t seem to find the Google audience you are looking for. Leverage custom audience (list) creation to create audiences based on Affinity or intent. You will be able to include your own details such as interest, keywords, websites, and apps that you think are relevant to your audience. The platform will also give you an overview of the audience size, gender and age, and some of the top categories your audience falls under. 
4 Tips to Make the Most out of Audiences in DV360 – Final Words
We hope some of these tips have taught you something new, and that you see some of the robust audience capabilities that DV360 has to offer. If some of these tips seem unclear, or you would like to learn more about them, feel free to reach out to us via the contact section of our webpage.
Image: canva.com