We are starting 2020 with a new name – Merkari Group is now Direcly

We started this company as programmatic traders with a vision to bring transparency and help organizations build safe programmatic practices in-house. When we opened our operations in 2016, programmatic efforts were still largely centralized in a handful of behemoth agency holding groups. Consolidation breeds uniformity, pressure on margins was evident, and we quickly realized the opportunity we had at hand to create a new type of organization.

For as much as climate change cannot spare skeptics, neither could we. Many called us crazy. Some of our harshest critics told us we would be driving for Uber in no time because in the land of Goliaths we could not stand a chance. Yet, similar to when Leo Burnett opened in 1935 with only one account, and no one believed in them, this did not stop us. We bet big on process and people over profits. We are the crazy ones to see the forest and put out the fire amongst the trees. We are the crazy ones advocating for scalable sustainability and radical change, working alongside our clients and becoming an extension of their teams. 

Fast forward to 2020, and we have more than 35 agents of change on our team, with offices in 4 countries across the Americas. And since early 2018 we have been part of the elite group of Google Marketing Platform Sales Partners.     

Today, we are thrilled to see our vision come to life and we’re excited to announce we are changing our name to Direcly. Under Direcly, we will help our clients build a direct pathway towards digital transformation. We will be expanding services to include Google Cloud, further powering our ability to deliver genuine digital transformation services above and beyond the Google Marketing Platform and our best-in-class proprietary technology.

During the last 4 years we have evolved to become digital transformation agents, whose passion for innovation and experimentation, provides truly customer-centric service and data-driven digital architectures. Along the way, incredible people have joined the organization and made it the success it is today. Together, we have worked towards creating a business that balances profits and purpose; providing a positive impact for our employees, customers, and communities. 

We know we have plenty going forward. So, we will roll up our sleeves and get to work. 

From everyone at Direcly, we’d like to thank our clients, partners, and friends for your ongoing support behind this adventure. 


Francisco Garcia
CEO – Direcly