Francisco Garcia Launches Non-Profit Foundation Dedicated to Closing the Educational Gap in Underprivileged Communities

MIAMI, MAY 4, 2020 – Direcly’s CEO, Francisco Garcia, today announced the formation of Little Pixel Foundation — a nonprofit organization dedicated to partnering with underserved public schools across the Americas to bring computers, training and Google technology to the communities they serve.

According to the Education Commision, only 40% of kids in low-and middle-income countries are on track to gain the skills needed for today’s workforce. Students in poorer neighborhoods tend to lag with more resources behind their peers — and at the current rate, it will take these groups 100 years to catch up. Possibly more considering the current number of schools closed.

Virtual education has come at no better time.

With the expertise of digital leaders and powered by Google for Education, Little Pixel Foundation will provide public schools in low-income communities with complimentary Chromebooks as well as provide support and training for both teachers and students. The moonshot effort aims to close the educational gap and assist families facing challenging times. In addition to improving the quality of life, Little Pixel stands confident that the tools will immediately raise safety, collaboration, communication and creativity.

Google’s G Suite for Education has reached 80 million users since it first debuted back in 2006. While Classroom, also part of Google apps for education, has registered more than 40 million students and teachers.

An enthusiastic educational figure and technology trailblazer, Francisco Garcia is known for his leadership driving both a multinational technology consulting firm and a classroom of students at FIU Honors College. And as Little Pixel’s founder, this has been a personal mission for him for years.

“We’re excited to equip educators for success and agilize our experts’ know-how at a critical time. We’ve had the privilege to be part of an elite group of Certified Google Marketing Platform Sales Partners since 2018, and have experienced first hand many success stories.” Francisco Garcia, CEO of Direcly and founder of Little Pixel Foundation said, “At this time, that’s exactly what we need, more success stories and accessible tools for all. We feel it was our responsibility to give back to the community and create a long-lasting impact in an area that is close to my heart, education. Google for Education facilitates safety through virtual learning and is simple for teachers and students.”

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About Little Pixel Foundation


Little Pixel Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to closing the global education gaps to improve the quality of life for communities through the americas, that leverages the best in class solutions from Google For Education.

We believe that everyone—educators and learners at every age and stage—deserve the tools and skills that set them up for success in building the future they want for themselves.
Our goal is to help more people—especially those in underserved communities—benefit from the promise of technology, in the classroom and beyond.