Direcly is now part of the Looker Partner Ecosystem

MIAMI, MARCH 24, 2021 –  Direcly, a multinational leader of technology consulting, announced today that it has joined the Looker Partner Ecosystem. This collaboration enables customers to transcend traditional business intelligence by easily integrating data experiences into the way people already work.

As a member of the Looker Partner Ecosystem, Direcly helps further the program’s mission to empower individuals and companies by offering data analytics and business insights to every department at every scale. Through this collaboration, Direcly enables customers to infuse customizable data experiences into day-to-day tools and workflows that further close the gap between discovering insights and taking action.

“Having huge amounts of data becomes more interesting when you can integrate it into daily workflows and help organizations extract value in the form of applicable business insights,” said Francisco Garcia, Founder & CEO of Direcly. “We are thrilled to be part of the Looker Partner Ecosystem, and to help our partners take their business intelligence and data engineering to the next level.”

Direcly enables organizations to redesign business operations to effectively build and operationalize storage systems, design data processing solutions, and deploy machine learning. By teaming up with Looker, Direcly now helps users to power data experiences by delivering actionable business insights at the point of decision. By infusing data into products and workflows, organizations are able to extract value from data at web-scale. 

About Direcly

Direcly is a leading technology consultancy and growth partner for the world’s most exciting brands. As a Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner and a Looker Consulting Partner, Direcly provides organizations premier digital enterprise solutions.

One holistic offering. Direcly unites proprietary technology and the world’s largest digital platforms to create a transparent, efficient and cost-effective digital hub. The finest marketing consulting and technology services – from data engineering to digital marketing solutions. We have the team and tools to equip businesses’ salesforce for success, drive growth, optimize media effectiveness and streamline operations.

One team with one mission – to help organizations scale operations and grow online. Our highly skilled team of digital transformation agents provide a customer-centric service across the Americas.